Charlotte, North Carolina,
MakeBullshit.com, a new web tool that helps you generate and come up with some of the tech industries most popular buzz words.

In the ever-changing technology landscape, it’s hard to stay in the know and sound important in the corporate world. You need to arm yourself with catchphrases. When you tell people that you are busy "streamlining efficient web-readiness" -- People listen. Seriously, no bullshit. It’s one of the best ways to deliver value-added verbal bandwidth in 2016.

"It can take years working in technology to learn all the proper acronyms to use." said Matt Hagens, president of HagensMedia, LLC. the parent company of MakeBullshit.com. "Outsiders might think tech phrases sound bizarre, but to people in the industry, it's serious business to sound knowledgeable.... Our goal is to be the web app that you’re looking at under the meeting boardroom table."

About MakeBullshit.com:

The technology bullshit generator was created to help you sound super knowledgeable in your next meeting. Our goal is generally to build websites and apps that nobody really needs or wants, but somehow find traffic and an audience. Makebullshit.com is a Charlotte, North Carolina based start-up company developed by Matt Hagens of HagensMedia, LLC. Mr. Hagens has a strong background in both technology & bullshit, with a sound passion for fancy tech jargon.

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